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So many of our teens; are growing up without Dads and Moms. Let alone a good role model to look up to. We constantly hear the words “we need to help our teens” and the moment a 18 or 19 year old steps up to say “I’ll do it! “ Almost immediately we as adults say “Sorry but, your just a kid” or ”You’re not old enough” Now how is that we can say that the moment they turn 17 that they are legally an adult and expected to accept the consequences of an adult but, at same time saying they are just a kid. I don’t know about you but, when we was growing up at ages 15, 16 you were expected to start acting like an adult and if you were lucky you had an older Brother or Sister to look up to. Do you remember as teens grow up thinking “I want to be just like him or her” you know the one that seemed to have it altogether and on their way to college or some new adventure? Most every young adult then had the utmost respect for everyone around them but, the world became more challenging and demanded most families to take on as many jobs as possible just to pay the bills and because of the major deficit our teens have had to incur from the lack of love, respect and leadership in the home. A new trend has emerged. Usually we teach our children what our parents taught us, but if no one was there to teach them and all they learned was chaos. Then what are they going to teach? As The Lighthouse Club Ministries (a Christian Ministry) it is our hope and goal to reverse this trend by creating an environment that is full of the love, respect and leadership these young adults so desperately need, at the same time giving young adults a safe and exciting place to go. It is our intent to create a high-energy, cutting- edge Christian- Nite Club. Now we know a lot of you when you the two words “Christian” and “Nite-Club” together in the same sentence, it doesn’t sit well. Well let us start by saying this. That this project is far from what just went through your head. Picture this: you as a young adult walk through the doors of The Lighthouse Club and immediately you are welcomed by a staff member whose job is not to judge but, to lead by a positive Christian example and is there to encourage you. You look toward the stage to see an amazing display of lights and sounds and people having an awesome time. You look the other way to see an assortment of carefully selected family friendly arcade machines and a retro game store that wraps around the outside and at the same time you are welcomed by the smells of great food that fills the air. Please Bear With Us Before we continue to go over the difference we know for some of you no matter what we say it just doesn’t sit right. We ask that you bear with us as we try to explain the differences between The Lighthouse Club and a Bar/Night-Club; first: we will have all the same exciting elements that draw most young Adults minus the alcohol and the negative /raunchy music and any other negative element we missed here. For a lot of these young adults the first place they want to go to after turning 18 is a club or some cool place to hang out and because they are too young to go to a bar the one place they can go is…. And we bet you would not have ever guessed this one, it’s a strip club/topless bar. That’s right at 18 it is legal to go into a strip club. For a lot of young adults this could be a point of no return for them. All they really wanted was a place to hang out with their friends. The Lighthouse club looks offer more than just entertainment and an awesome place to hangout. So many of our young adults when they graduate from high school and college go off to interview for that dream job and the first thing they are asked; can you guess? “Do you have any experience?” and of course the response in most cases is, “NO! But, can you give me some” and they say “sorry come back when you have experience” At The Lighthouse Club We will be offering volunteer placement and internships in all the various departments (IT, Networking, Culinary/ Kitchen, Sound and Video Production, Radio Broadcasting, Hospitality, Security, etc.) and in these department we plan to have someone that is of a teaching ability that can hopefully take them beyond what they have already learned. (With 80% of the workforce being the young adults and 20% TLC staff). Giving them more than the experience needed to enter the workforce. And we don’t stop there; we plan to offer them a free of charge, accredited course in leadership from a Christian prospective, developed by one of the world’s number one teachers in world and Christian leadership Dr. John C Maxwell The Focus Of Our Ministry But, let’s get on to the real focus of what our ministry is about. We don’t know if there is a title or descriptive word for what is that we do. (As soon as The Lighthouse Club is opened) At the end of every event we will be inviting everyone to come to a Sunday service at 4:30pm with a free night of fun and excitement and heavily discounted refreshments afterwards at the club. Doors open at 4:00pm and the doors will be locked by 4:45 and no else gets in; (this is to keep people from skipping the service) the service will last anywhere from 1 1/2 – 2 hr with praise and worship first, message and then an alter call. For a lot of young adults this will be the closest they will ever come to stepping into a church or knowing Jesus. Once they have a strong foundation to who God is and who Jesus is in their life, we work to encourage and help them in joining one of many churches in the area or one closest to them. From time to time, local ministers will be invited to teach and will be able to promote their church to the attendees. This will give people a chance to get to know the ministers before attending their church. Our ministry is a multifaceted ministry and what you have read here is just the tip of the iceberg. When God calls us to do something it is usually bigger than we are, so that He gets all the glory. This project is defiantly bigger than we are. We ask that if it is your heart to volunteer or donate, please do.
We surely could use your help.
Thank you and God Bless – The Lighthouse Club Ministries

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